Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Doodly Watch- for your group..:)


sometime my customer comes in a form of a here are their customised Doodly Watches as requested.. ^_^*

fancy one yourself?..
visit our Doodly Watch fb page to request your own customised Doodly Watch..:)

visit us here..

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Upadated Doodly Watches

Hello hello..i know i have not been actively blogging this past few weeks..or months..haha but that does not mean that i am not actively are the recent Doodly Watch for my beloved customer..:)

hehe feel free to visit me at Doodly Watch Page..:)

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Customised Wrist Watch-Angry Bird..:)


its been a long time since I last updated this blog.. been quite busy with study and other stuff..but but no worries friends, i still take custom doodly watch order from time to time.. here are some Angry Birds theme requested by the customer.. enjoy.. :)

p/s: let the birds be angry, kita senyum2 je ya..jangan marah-marah.. ^_^*

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Customised Wrist Watch

This one is a fun one to doodle :)
because it is a request by a customer that loves her family sooooo much..
she wants to be with them all the time, so she requested a doodly watch of her family, herself, her husband and 3 daughters..and the girls are soooo adorable,just like the mom :)

and this reminds me that, FAMILY is ALWAYS number 1 ^_^

Wana+Wani = twin baby girl, Ika, the 1st daughter, Hajar, the loving mom and the dad, Fit..
One happy family at home ^_^
Sold at RM25~

Customised Wrist Watch

This one is a special one..
because the customer's name is the same as mine..
and she doodled the pic herself, and requested for a doodly watch of her doodle pic :)
yeay!! Adlinas are cool, right..? ^_^

Sold at RM 25~

Customised Wrist Watch

Domokun is one of the hottest Doodly Watch customer requests..

Sometimes, i do wonder, what is Domokun..? or who is Domokun..?

Well, actually 
Domo-kun (どーもくん) is a small brown open-mouthed monster hatched from an egg who lives with a wise old rabbit underground. 
He really, really likes TV and also enjoys rocking out to Guitar Wolf..

This is one of the lots of the Domokun.-doodly watch customer request..
and it is a PINK Domokun. :)

Pink domokun is as cute as the brown domokun, right :)

Sold at RM 25 ~

Monday, 8 August 2011

Harga Doodly Watch RM 25 without postage..

kepada pelanggan2 yg dihormati sekalian..
di sini, ina nak maklumkan, harga Doodly Watch skrg ialah RM 25 tidak termasuk postage..
ina terpaksa kenakan bayaran postage RM 5 utk Semenanjung
dan RM 10 utk Sabah & Sarawak.

Sebelum ni, ina anta jam2 menggunakan Pos Ekspress..
Semalam, ada 4 jam telah dipulangkan semula pd ina (rejected by Pos Ekspress) sbb ina diberitahu yg Pos Ekspress hanya bole digunakan utk dokumen/surat sahaja..ina juga telah diberi amaran supaya tidak lagi menghantar jam dgn menggunakan Pos Ekspress...

Jadi sekarang ni, ina perlu gunakan Pos Laju utk hantar jam..
Disebabkan charge Pos Laju lebih mahal dan semua jam perlu dimasukkan dlm kotak (seperti yg dipesan oleh pekerja di kaunter pos laju agar jam tidak rosak/pecah ) sblm diposkan, ina terpaksa mengenakan bayaran postage kpd pelanggan semua...
Sorry ya..

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Customised Wrist Watch

it is not just retro music..
now, there is a retro doodly watch :)

The word retro itself reminds me of Sinar FM, stesen retro terbaik, which is the favourite radio station of my 2nd older sister, Kak Ana ^_^ 

Customised Wrist Watch

Just to share this cute watch..specially made for a customer..

Sold at RM 25 ~

Customised Wrist Watch

Emo.. Emo.. Emo..
what is emo..?
Wikepedia says that emo = style of rock music typically characterized by melodic musicianship and expressive, often confessional lyrics.

and, guess what..

whatever emo means,

Emo is so cute on doodly watch ;)

come and order one now for yourself :)

Customised Wrist Watch

Domokun n elmo are friends now.. 
Though they are worlds apart..
They r cute together ;)

Sold at RM 25 ~

Customised Wrist Watch - Couple Frenzy~

Kali ni ina nak upload customers' orders for last week...
semua nye ni adalah couple watch..

Lovey-dovey mode ;)





Each couple set sold at RM 50~

Come and order one for u n your special one ;)

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Customised Wrist Watch

One Girl Domokun is in love with One Boy Domokun..
Oh sweet love of the Domokuns ^_^

They are smiling happily coz they are deeply in love :)

SOLD at RM50 Including postage..~

Customised Wrist Watch

Either u like maths or music..
or u can like both ^_^

U can revise maths with the formula on the doodly watch
U can play the piano as there r music notes on this special doodly watch..

Come and order 1 for yourself ^_^

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Customised Wrist Watch

Customised your own watch to match your partner..
another text craze design order by a customer..^_^~

Sold at RM50 (postage included)

For Sale..!!

Are you missing someone??

..hand drawn with lots of love..!!

specially designed for the one you miss dearly..

RM25 including postage..
you may request to put names on the strap too..^_^~


Update Doodled Wrist Watch

A special request from a customer..
sweet gift for her mother..


Saturday, 16 July 2011

Update Couple watch request..~

Hey all..
just want to share another unique request from a customer..

the theme is..
"pipit and enggang.."
so here are the watches..

siapa kata pipit dan enggang tak boleh bercinta..??

p/s: tahniah kepada pasukan bola sepak kebangsaan Malaysia atas usaha yang bersungguh-sungguh..

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Update Couple watch request..~

Hello all..
just want to share the latest request for a couple set of Doodly Watch..

I must admit i love the end result..
doodle on the glass is really cute arent they??

Request one for yourself too..^_^~

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Doodly Kad Raya


jeng jeng mentioned in previous entry..introducing Doodly Kad Raya..

up for grab now..!!

Details: Customizable name, printed + hand doodled on white card

                                            Measurement: 15cm x 10.5cm

Price: RM10 ( For a set of 3 )

Customized your Kad Raya now..!!

p/s: more to come...^_^~

Monday, 11 July 2011

Customised Doodly Watch- ~~

It was a busy week..
and here are the watches as requested..

20 pieces...specially designed for a batch of students..^_^~

p/s..thinking of creating a customised doodly Kad Raya..ok tak??..hehe~


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