Monday, 28 February 2011

We HEART Each other!!

She gave me this today,..
She's such a sweedems..

First2, tiba je kt tapak perhimpunan, then I saw her,..
She was smiling at me..
then, when i put my school bag down,
I saw this pretty n beautiful black polka dotted boxy kinda bag..
with pink and white polka dotted ribbon holder..
Then, I asked her,.
"cute nyerr benda ni,.. ape ni,. siapa punya??"
She and Hannah was there,.
Both of them were smiling and answered,
"tak tahu lah, org punya tu,.tertinggal kot",

Dlm hati dah berkata2,. ntah2 She nk bagi benda ni kt Ina..
duduk, duduk dkt perhimpunan n then She bg tahu.,
"ADLINA that pretty thing is for you",
I knew it,..hehehe~
but then I said,
"She, awk buat kte rasa serbasalah je.."
"alaaa, nape nk serbasalah??" She replied.
then I said," Because I only give you this," 
the memory bookmark specially made by me..
but I can see it in her eyes that she appreciates my gift eventhough 
it is just a piece of round pink paper with words and drawings on it,.

I was soo happy... now who is SHE anyway??


when we're inside the class,.
Aliyah, Hannah, Lenny and I made a big farewell
notes that was full with signatures and wishes for our beloved Captain Faty; inside a big brown wrapping paper..
and yes the big brown wrapping was full with all the wishes from us the 4ALPHA students..
thanks to Chepie's Sharpies though,
we could made it super colourful..

then I sign a 20cent coin with Chepie's Sharpie and asked Faty, Aliyah, Hannah and Lenny to do so..
that special 20cent was pasted onto the secret pocket of Faty's memory bookmark that I made earlier,..

We had soo much fun.. 
Then we had a very exhausted day when we have to help many teachers along the day..
maybe itu adalah pertolongan yg terakhir buat masa ini dr Faty kpd pihak sekolah dan guru2,..

Faty allowed me to open the gift that she gave me that morning inside the class room,. 
(wktu tu ckgu relief,.x pe)
then she told me,.
"nnt awk peluk2 lah pillow tu,. klu awk rindu kte, awk pandang je pillow tu anggap mcm pandang kte.."
she once told me that she spend a night searching for something special,
and now i know,. it was this PILLOW!

She told me to put it inside my bedroom and hug it while I sleep..

and there is Atick with my Special Gift from Faty..

Thank you so much!! 
I'll miss u Faty! Hope u'll be as happy go lucky as always k!!
Take care my fren!

Measuring Cylinder..

A Measuring Cylinder..
Today, in physics lab,.
while washing the other apparatus,
my elbow excidentally pushed 
a measuring cylinder off the sink
and onto the floor,..
IT broke into pieces and i felt soooo guilty..

I then admitted my such carelessness mistake,.
the lab assistant asked me to sweep the broken glasses that dropped on the floor.. 
I swept the floor with guilt,
I taught that there'll be more punishment..

But then, the lab assistant asked me to write my name on her lab book..
and then she said, ''usually, if you broke it on purpose, you should pay for it'',
Then she closed the book and went back to her place..
I regret of what I've done..
and I'm so sooorry!!
I learned a big lesson today..
We should be careful of every steps we make,
and be responsible of everything we do..

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Ding Dong,.Ding Dong~ Esok dah skolah!!

me, holding a certificate from majlis parlimen daerah bukit katil.. a ceremony for straight A's students and i'm one of them.. ahhhh, good times~ gooood times..

i got a certificate, RM100, and a great, precious moments,.
and with that hunnymoney, i bought a new pair of VINCCI shoes..
huh,.bila lah nk dpt duit lg ni,.. 
bila pihak skolah nk buat mesyuarat PIBG ni,.
dan mjlis penyampaian hadiah kpd pljr2 cemerlang,.
wow, that will be so much fun,.
Now, talking bout tommor0w,.
homework,...siap(just for tommorow that is)
kasut...minggu ni x basuh,.(tp dah dibasuh oleh air hujan yg sgt lebat jumaat lalu)
uniform skolah(blom iron,.mlm baru iron,.lps tengok merlin nnt kot~)hahaha
dan, Ina akn kehilangan seorg lg kwn rapat 
iaitu Faty yg akn brpindah ke asrama Munsyi Abdullah..

but life must go on, 
and i'm waiting for the next school holiday 
for a special project
 that Mama, KakNa and I planned earlier this weekend..

Ina memBuka Langkah Baru..

wahh,. sebenarnye kn, dah lama dah ina nk buat blog ni tp x buat2.. 
Thanks to KarkNa a.k.a Dakdik, tercipta lah PolkaDot AppleStruddle.. malam tadi,..

Blog ini diberi nama sebegitu bcoz i believe that i'm as cute n as sweet as that name..

Sebenarnya there are many factors for making this blog,. but u'll know it sooner or later~
sekian lah sebagai pembuka bicara Ina.. mmuah, muaah!!

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Hello hello

Hai everyone..i am new..~


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