Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Doodly doodly doo doo.. compilation of my DOODLES!! =3

today, I'll share some of my artsy drawings.. scroll down and enjoy!!

cats nowadays..pick sweet desserts rather than raw fish & cat food

now Atick has hair too~
when the nightmare comes, cuddle up with Atick and sleep tight~

IMJA a shoulder to cry on..
IMJA means Partner.. the Guy's hair style was actually influenced by Jeon Jin Ho (Lee Minho) in a korean drama Personal Taste.. Aigoo aigooo He is so WOWWWW-ing! LMH handsome much~
at the beach, the GIRL was sitting on a 3-feet tall rock , waiting for her GUY. She didn't noticed that the Guy just sent her a massage.. "BOO!!".. then when she turned to her left, she tilted backwards and almost fell, but he catches her just by the waist..  she was startled to see that he was there all along. 
accidentally the mirror dropped on the ground and broke into pieces.. While the GIRL tries to clean up all the mess, she cut trough herself and bleeds. Her GUY then came to soothe her pain and cure her wounds ;)
9 kuntum bunga MAWAR, berbeza pada warna, bentuk, saiz dan rupa.. melambangkan 9 subjek SPM yang sedang ku nantikan keputusannya.. bersabar, bertenang, berserah dan redha dengan ketentuan-Mu Ya Allah
last year, me and my girlfriends create ourselves the 'S'-names..
I'm SOLAR, Errnie picked SHAH and Aida is SHONTELLE..
Awkward, weird, yet pretty cool names huh.. hahaha
from the left: Kiko, Atick, Me, Kak Ana, Kak Ayu, Kak Ija..
my doodles of my pets and me awesome sistars!

Well that's all folks! My doodle compilation for January-February version.. will update soon for any doodles of mine ;)
Doodles peeps~ Assalamualaikum!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Clean Up Abah's Office Time C=

sitting on Abah's a Boss
Sunday, 24th February, 6.30 p.m.
Abah ajak Kak Ana dan Ina temankan Abah kemaskan officenya di Wisma Negeri :)
Januari 2009 - Januari 2013, selama 4 tahun Abah telah berkhidmat sebagai Pengarah Pertanian Negeri Melaka..
Tahun ni Abah dah pindah pejabat,
Sekarang Abah menjawat jawatan sebagai Pengarah Pertanian Negeri 9 pula.. Humm happy tu happy juga lah sebab Abah dinaikkan pangkat. Tapi Ina kesian kat Abah sebab setiap hari Abah berulang alik dari Seremban ke Melaka.. Sebab buat sementara ni kami sekeluarga masih menyewa rumah di sini..(sementara nak menunggu rumah kat Putrajaya tu yang tak siap2 lagi..kata si Pak "SHAHbadrulsalamsemuacikkeboomcikkeboomakjemahlahyangpalingcantikpalingmaniskanhaaahoaloh" a.k.a. kontraktor rumah, dalam bulan 4 baru siap katanya.. April?? Uwaaa Lamanya! I wanna enjoy my funky room, my beautiful new home!!)
Ok ok sam..sam..sambung...
Kesian sbb Abah penat lah kan nak ulang alik. Bila dah pindah Putrajaya nnt tak da lah jauh sangat dgn Seremban.. ;)
So, today kat office Abah merangkap Mantan Pengarah, Kak Ana a.k.a. Personal Assistant Abah, and me a.k.a. Photographer and tolong teman je lah hihihihh >.<
"Lets get our work done shall we!"
We brought along 2 empty boxes..and an office full of files, paper works, note books, diaries, planner, be filled with
And here are some photos that I took as the photographer of dẽ day. Muahahahaha!!
P/s: Abah! You are a great Leader! Sentiasa bertungkus lumus dan bertanggungjawab menjalankan tugasnya..I love you!!
#Abah is my HERO and my IDOL forever and always! I'm so grateful and proud to be your daughter! ;)

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Malam Yang Riang ^.^

Assalamualaikum readers!!!
Weehee best mlm ni!!

While Abah and Mama pergi grand dinner at Alson Klana, me and my sistas td gi jalan2. Tadi kami singgah pasar mlm jap, dah lama x pergi. Peniaga2 pasar mlm pemurah & baik hati!! ^.^
Nak tahu kenapa??
Tadi Ina beli kuey teow sup daging. So waktu pak cik tu tengah potong2 daging, dengan suara malu2 Ina minta "umm nak daging lebih boleh?.. =3 terima kasih ^.^", "boleh..",  Tulis kat situ sup daging RM5.. Bila nk bayar Kak Ayu hulur 10 ringgit.. Lepastu dapat baki 7 ringgit.. dia cakap RM 3.. Tiga ringgit je!  Siap ada bebola daging lg! Wahhh pemurahnya pak cik tu ya ;)
Pastu kak Na pula beli laksa. Pak Cik yg jual laksa tu pun baik. Ada customer tu tak ada duit kecil, jd dia pun hulurlah RM50. Pak Cik tu boleh kata, "Duit kecil tak ada ya dik. Haaa tak apalah, lain kali pun takpa. Kalau ada nnt bayar, tp kalau dah jalan kemudian lupa tak apa..", mula customer tu mcm tercengang-cengang, then dia ingat nak biar pak cik tu simpankan laksa tu dulu lah, but that uncle insisted and he ask the customer to bring the laksa with him without paying.. Awhhh.. Then then, ada uncle jual mainan tau, tiba2 uncle tu cakap, "You are beautiful", then I said "Thank you! ^.^", hikhihi. Sebenarnya waktu tu Ina tgh berborak gelak2 dgn kakak, pastu tetiba uncle tu cakap begitu pula. Hihihii~
Seterusnya, (cewahh ada penanda wacana lagi) lalu kat depan abang jual bawang, pastu dia panggil, "Ani, Ani..", hahahah then kawan dia pula cakap, "Eh, nama dia bukan Ani lah, cuba panggil Jamilah, Jamilah..",
Hahahahh. Abg2 tu buat lawak XD !!
#p/s: Kak Ana pula cakap dia suka gi pasar malam sebab boleh cuci2 mata..hihihii me too me too!! Abg jual bawang, abg jual daging, anak2 pakcik jual laksa.. Ngeh3, bukan menggatal mahupun menggedik, cuma nak mengatakan bahawa... KEBANYAKAN ORANG MELAKA MEMANG ADA RUPA lahhh!! Hahahahaha XP
In a nut shell, peniaga2 ni memang ikhlas dalam pekerjaan mereka, kakak kata macam tu lah untuk dapat berkat.. All I can say here is, semoga Allah memberkati dan memberi rahmat kepada mereka yang bertungkus lumus & ikhlas dlm melakukan pekerjaan mereka. Semoga Allah memurahkan rezeki para peniaga ini. Amin..
#bekerjalah untuk mencari keredhaan Ilahi,.. Janganlah kita selalu bermasam muka, bermuram durja..senyum2 lah selalu =D
Ya Allah, Aku bersyukur dengan segala pemberian Mu Ya Allah..

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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Chapter 8: Missing You...Lin

[ Honk Honk ].. "He's here! Efron's here..tell him I'll be there for just a second", 5 minutes later after re-doing her hair, Ri hurried downstairs and shocked to see Efron, seating at the couch with Charles.
Ri smiled and went to the kitchen, "Mum, what's he doing at the living room?",
"Well your brother asked him to join us for breakfast, the pancakes are almost done. Could you please get me the maple syrup dear?",
"but, but I thought we're going out for breakfast? hmm fine then.. I'll go set up the table", with a frown face she took four plates, forks, knives and a bottle of maple syrup from the top cabinet and put it on the dining table. "Thanks dear. Boys, breakfast is ready!",
As everyone sits down, Ri just gave Charles a cold stare. "uuurgh, you did this on purpose. Pretending to invite Efron for breakfast,..pfffft ", Ri was unhappy towards her brother, she thought that her brother would not let them go like the way she planned earlier, she thought Charles was just ruining her day because she already made herself pretty with a neat hair and fancy dressing hoping to be some where else for a heavenly breakfast with Efron; but she end up in the kitchen, helping her mum to make breakfast for four. That's why she felt upset and made herself a little bit grumpy that morning.
"Mrs. Arlisa may I ask? Where's Mr. Caleb?",
"He is in Melbourne for three weeks, clerking a Lord's son he said. Caleb is their private surgeon. He'll be back this Sunday according to his plans."

[After some chit chats, with stuffed tummy]
It was pouring rain outside, suddenly Efron got a call.. "Yes...well, alright..give me half an hour. Bye",
"What's wrong? That sounds urgent..",
"Yeah, kind of. Carilyn I'm so sorry. That was my parents, I need to get to my brother's camp back, to return his car. One of my relative just past away. They afraid of getting stucked in a traffic jam on our way back home.",
"Yeah, okay sure. Never mind ",
"Maybe we'll catch a movie next time, I really like to meet you again! Mrs. Arlisa, thank you for a lovely breakfast, and Charles nice to know you",
"You're welcome. Be careful driving in the rain.",
As they bid farewell at the front door, Efron droves away.

Ri walked in silently, and went to her room. Charles and his mum could only heard the sound of a door being slammed shut. Charles looked at her mother and asked "What's wrong with her?",
"I guess this is just a misunderstanding between you two. She said the three of you were supposed to have your breakfast outside. Why did you changed the plan? ",
"Believe me, the day would get worst if we go through her plans. I had a bad feeling about it".
"Did you had that dream again? or was it a different one this time?",
Charles nodded, " Last night was a different one, I guess it was my early prediction about Ri",
Mrs. Arlisa grabbed her son's hand, "Well, I guess it is the best way to tell your sister about it. Plus, about what happened to Lin, try not to blame yourself hunny, its been years now."
"It has been five years since...", he mumbled.  
So Charles went upstairs and knocked on Ri's door. He tried to pull the door knob but Ri locked it.
"Ri, I know you're up set. The day ain't turn out the way you want it to be. But I can explain. Please, let me in.",
"NO! just go away! I'm too young to have fun, I'm too young for this, too young for that.. I hope you're happy to see me miserable like this",
"no, Lin, you don't understand.",
"I wanna die..let me die alone, crying, sad sad sad life, suicide, suicidal..let me cut myself.."
"You stop that right now, Lin you hear me.."
"I wanna jump through my window right now..", She took her ribbons off from her hair, took her belts with metal buckles off of her waist and throw them on the floor. Making a loud noise as if she were messing up her room,.
"What are you doing, Lin stop this, are you out of your mind?! Lin! open this door now!",
" I'll hang my self on this fan, suffocating. Let the world know that my brother hates me....!"
"No! Ai Lin!!!", Charles kicked the door opened, surprised to see...... Ri was just seating on her bed, holding her iPhone.
"Hahahaha,. GOTCHA!", all the time that Charles heard the noises she made, was just the sound from her phone.
"you gotta be were messing up with me?", Charles entered the room and run towards her sister.
He tickled  Ri's neck; the only place she couldn't stand for laughing; and messed up her hair.
"Hihihhhhi..(giggles) stop it, stop it! okay okay, it was a joke. Hahaha..Who would wanna kill themselves for no reason. uhh I'm not that crazy..hihihi Silly you!",
"you tricked me good this time! What on earth were you thinking about Lin?",
"humm? Lin? strange, you've been calling me Lin for a few times now. Why?"
"huhh? Nahh, I did? No.. You just heard your name wrongly.",
"Like just now, when you entered my room, you yelled out 'Ai Lin'.. who's Ai Lin anyway? and I did felt mad at you this morning..I was angry! you ruined my plan.. you shouldn't have.....", before Ri could speak another word, Charles hugged his sister, to stop her nagging and furthermore babbling.
Ri went speechless,. So Charles started his explanation. He told Ri all about the dream he had last night.

"So, you think its true? What makes you feel so sure of it?",
"Because, I've gone through this before. I was given an early warning, a prediction..but I didn't give a damn on it, I let my ego took over my mind, so I just ignored that dream and.... Ended up losing her, the one I love. That's why I changed the way today supposed to be, hoping nothing bad happen to you, I couldn't let myself to lose any more of my sweet angels..", as the tears dripping down his sweet dimpled cheeks, Ri cuddled her brother, "Thanks Charlie,..I am the luckiest little sister in the whole wide world to have you, big brother!..but may I ask, you said 'the one you love', was it her, was it Ai Lin?",
This time, Charles went clueless, he could not speak a word.
"Wait, look. Daddy's car! Daddy is back..!", Ri looked out of her window and saw a black Porsche Cayenne Hybrid S just went inside the car porch.

[from downstairs]
"Charles, Carilyn! Daddy's home!",
"Okay mum! Come on, lets go! owh I miss him so much. Turn off the fan before you go downstairs okay Charlie, I'm going down first.. hihihi Daddy!! Daddy!",
With a smile on his face, Charles looked Ri walk out of the room.
"Gosh, I must be missing you so much, I've been calling your names quite a lot now..Hahahh silly me..",
He then took his wallet and pulled out a little passport-sized photo, and at the back of the photo, written...
"My light would never fade away, as my Shadow is always here to stay~ Love, Ai Lin a.k.a le' Light"

"Right, coming!"


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