Monday, 28 January 2013

Chapter 7: Déjà-vu

"Charles.. Charles! Charlie!!!!", Ri pulled her brother's blanket that was messily wrapped around Charles's body. She shakes the bed as if there was an earthquake and climb ơn the bed.. "well this gonna be fun, you asked for it bro~", Ri then jumped up and down on the mattress like a little kid. She purposely did it to distract Charles from his sleep. "uhh, huh (sigh) NO..No!! NO No!!", hearing Charles sighing restlessly,
Ri took a square cotton pillow and harshly thumped it on Charles's legs. "Wake up you lazy sleepy head!! we're gonna be late! and you haven't take your shower yet.. Efron will be here in 30 minutes! I'm not done with my hair yet, and this blouse, I need to find some accesories to match with it.. (bla bla bla......)".
Charles woke up with a shock face, he was all pale, he was sweating out of the ordinary way, his forehead was wet so as his head pillow, yet his feet were as cold as ice and still felt the creepy chills. He stared at Ri, touched her feet, grabbed her hands and hugged her as tight as he could. Charles rubbed Ri's head and pulled her pony tails which was no longer neat. He kissed his sister's cheeks and forehead to show how grateful and glad he was to hold and see her right in front of his eyes once again.
"never do that again! You almost gave me a heart attack there..",
"hey!! You're ruining my hair! Okay okay..Stop it. Go brush your teeth first. Your breath stinks! Besides, I never thought my bouncing could give you a heart attack. Humm, strange, you're too young to get one.", while Ri get off from the bed. Confused.
"so, everything was a dream? Hey where are you going with..uhh all these fancy clothing? And its 7.30 a.m.? Why did you wake me early in the morning", yawning and feeling empty minded.
"I told you!! yesterday..remember? We're gonna watch movies, Your friends told you that Taken 2 is a hit and on the top list of the box office right?..Efron will be here at eight! So hurry up! Up up up!!", Ri grabbed Charles's hands and pulled them. "Get your lazy butt off that bed! I'll be downstairs! One minute late, I'll be off with Efron alone and don't even bother to come with us. Hahahah".

Charles was left alone, on his bed, sitting with full of confusion on his head and thoughts that kept him questioning to himself. " Should I trust this? will it happen? Was my dream an early prediction? If my prediction is true, then this day would be a DÉJÀ VU.. Maybe I should change the way today suppose to be; maybe by doing different things...(sigh)".
He walked towards the window pane, took a glance at a wooden hand-carved frame that was placed on the wall right beside the window, it was a picture of himself and a girl, together, wearing school uniforms.
"Never thought my sister could grow up so fast dear. She reminds me so much of you!",
Tears were dripping out from his eyes, ended on his lower lips and wets his cheeks. Charles smiled and said "I couldn't stand to loss another part of me. So I'll never loss you, baby sister~"

*want to know more? Why does Charles loves and cares so much about Ri? Who's that girl in the picture? What happens next? Well stay tuned for the next chapter... Doodles peeps ;)

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Chapter 6: TAKEN

[beep beep..horn sound]
"Bye Mum!!",
"Okay, have fun dear! Take care!", kissing her mother's cheeks, Ri then off to the front yard and walked straight to the stunning car. It was shiny black with a touch of sporty red bold lines on top of the car roof. Efron was standing right beside his Ford Fiesta-Beta, smiling looking at Ri all the way to his car.
"Mrs. Arlisa, may I borrow your daughter for today?", asked Efron politely while raising his hands towards Ri's mother, standing at the front sliding door.
"yeah, sure", smiling. Charles from behind hugged his mother's waist with a piece of buttered toast in his mouth and mumbled "Don't worry mum, I'll take care of Ri ",
Mrs. Arlisa kissed her son's forehead and whispered, "be safe okay!",.
"Hey, nice one you got here.. birthday gift?",
"Nahh, borrowed my brother's..",
" Ahh, I see,. oh by the way Ri! ", holding his sister hand who was just about to open the left passenger's seat door and drag her to the back door, "you be a good girl and seat at the back okay..I'll seat at the front",
" Okay, Fine!", giving a tensed glare towards her "over-protective" brother.

" Enjoy your day and be careful!", Mrs. Arlisa waved the kids goodbye.

[ in the car]
" So, where are we heading for? ", asked Efron while looking at the rear-view mirror and smiling as he sees Ri's image, so cute wearing her sky blue plum blouse.
Ri smiled back, but before she could answer the question, Charles interrupted their conversation.
" umm, I'm starving, a piece of toast is no match for my tummy. How about we stop by the Moonbuck Caffe down town, across the Beverly Mall, search it on your GPS".
"yeah, alright. I haven't had any breakfast too.", Efron answered back with a quick glance at Ri, and turn on his touch screen GPS on the dashboard.

After a fine breakfast they planned on watching Taken 2 at Beverly Mall, rumors spoke that the movie is a blast, thrilled with action scenes and heart chasing climax.
" so, the movie starts at 11 p.m. , what do we do now?",
" well, since we have time, and got nothing to do, lets go to the arcade. It has been so long since I've been there. Come on lets have fun and play! this time, its on me",
 Entering the arcade, Ri bought ten tokens, five for her and the other five for Efron.
" Hey! how about me?", Charles just kidding around her sister,
" You got your scholarship, buy your own..hahah",
" What do you want to play first?", "Owh..look look! over there! its a racing motorcycle!!", Ri pointed on a side-by-side paired racing motorcycle, full with excitement.
" Ri, are you sure you wanna ride that? can you even balance yourself on it?",
" Shut up Charles..wanna bet? two out of three, if I win, you'll pay for our lunch at the T.G.I. Friday's and we're spending this day the way I planned ",
"okay settle, but if I win we'll go back home after the movie....",
Efron went speechless and just laughed to see the argument.
[ and the game started ]
" Hey this isn't fair! I'm just a have a Ducati of your own!", whining as her brother continues leading the race.
" Well, you should've thought of that before you made the deal.. Hahahahhh this won't take long my baby sister.", a wicked smile carved on his face then he grinned showing his pearly white teeth to Ri.

What to expect when a pro rider, town's motor cross champion challenged a young 18 year-old beginner, spoiled sister; other than winning it.
" your cuteness and spoiled accent is no worthy over a powerful opponent like me dear sis..Hahaha",
Charles just laughed as he got off from the exact replica of the yellow Benelli Tornado.

And so they spent the rest of the hour finishing their tokens. 3D car racing, being monster hunters, basket balls players and went to the picture booth.
" I know how much guys hate it when their photos have been taken, but please!! for proves that we've been together, the three of us..its fun! common, put on your silly smiling faces okay!", Ri put her palms together and opened her eyes wide just like the kittens that beg for some food.
" hahaha, okay, okay. Carilyn, you know that I can't bare it when you begged like this.", Efron nodded and tapped Charles's right shoulder.
" Well this better be worth it.. there goes my last three tokens".
Ri collect the passport-sized photos at the side of the box-shaped booth, it came out automatically after the photos had been taken for 15 shots.
" Alright, I'll take this best five..the other ten are for you guys! go crazy~",
" Ri! that is not fair, I paid, I pick!", " Hahaha, that was fun, everyone looks silly in this one, I'll take it",
" So, we have about 10 more minutes left before the movie starts, I need to go to the ladies room first,I won't be long! just give me 5 minute..but I don't mind if you guys wanna go first, I'll meet you there.",
" We will queue up for popcorn and soda, we'll wait for you there", "hurry back! if you're late I'll finish your popcorn!",
So, Ri walked to a few corners and her shadows faded from sight.

It has been fifteen minutes, but still no sign of her.
" Where is she? ", Charles called her cellphone non-stop for the whole five minutes. But still, not a single call had been answered.
" This couldn't be right...I have a bad feeling about this. You wanna come with me?",
Charles looked at Efron with a worried face, anyone who saw his face could actually felt the uneasy feeling that he's in to.
Charles and Efron walked to the front of the restroom,.without any hesitation Charles barged in the ladies room, but no one was there. Every door was wide opened, not even one was locked or shut closed.
" Carilyn!!! Carilyn!!", Charles shouted as loud as he could and punch his fist on the shiny-tiled sink table top to yell out his frustration. He looked down, at the floor, under the sink and saw a wet movie ticket.
" What the.....Oh my...Ri's ticket", Charles took the ticket off the floor and observed it. Somehow he knew and was definite that it was his sister's ticket.
He was sweating, his heart beats faster than it should left him speechless to see some sort of  light pink wax circled around the movie title; TAKEN. Due to the wax that scented like vanilla cinnamon, Charles was assured of it, " this is Ri's lipbalm... Oh my god! Ri!!!", he ran out of the restroom and ran of like crazy towards Efron.
" We gotta go! Now! They couldn't be that far by now! Hurry!!!",

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Chapter 5: Its MINE!!

Austin James, the White Tiger football captain, school famous but quite a shy guy.. He is tall, owns a perfect body curves with perfect abs structured his fair skinned limb that other guys would be dreaming of having those features. He owns a pair of big beautiful eyes with hazel iris, blonde and dreamy hair curves, and such beautiful pair of hands. " owh, how could such an athlete owns such beautiful hands and shiny pinkish nails? ", " look at his hands, muscular arms..oh so dreamy "..,
the facts that had been talked about by most of the girls, most of the time, either at the school corridors, canteen, school field ect. With or without James's presence, he was the hot stuff that other girls would be talking about and crazy of having as their boyfriend.
And as an ordinary teenage girl, Ri was not excluded. Its just so happened that she likes him since the extremely embarrassing yet super funny tragedy then on her first day of school at VEHS; then James was a nobody.. The memories were still fresh in the back of her mind as if it just happened yesterday.

" back pack is not allowed inside the laboratory,but you could place it outside at the corridor until after science class..", said Madam Anne. So Ri placed her black with red striped Tropicana Life bag outside the lab with the others. When the Science period ended, she was the last to exit the lab then she took the one and only black and red coloured bag that was neatly placed against the wall of the empty corridor and headed straight to her new class room. She noticed that the bag is much more lighter than before and it had a scent of strong sporty man's deodorant.
 " That's strange? This smells funny ",..
 As soon as she arrived at 2SC-1(the classroom) she felt uncomfortable and a little bit suspicious with the boys. Ri saw them laughing at James's place and they seemed to be checking all of James's
belongings inside of his bag. "Look.. James since when do you keep this Lip Ice sheer colour lip balms.. Hello Kitty powder?? ", Rick spelled it out one by one loudly and laughed insanely.
 Other boys joined him, while James just giggled and look downwards.
 " lip balms? Oh common James, you're a boy. Hahaha silly boy. Huhhh..wait.. Hello Kitty powder?", at first Ri laughed on her own at the front door but later on she realised something... " Oh my gosh..... that bag, ITS MINE!!......", as she ran towards the group of boys, Rick continued," Hey look its a flowery printed..... pad? ",
" No!!!!!!!!! ", trying her best to grab away the sanitary pad from Rick's hand, she accidentally bumped into James chest.. Without a warning, Ri's forehead was touching James's lips. " Oh my...what have I done..uhhh ",
She took a step back, other boys was making those simply annoying flirty sounds but most of the classmates were speechless as the scenario caught their attention. James held his head up slowly and took a gentle look on the girl that he had accidentally kissed on her forehead.
 Bravely Ri said, " You've taken the wrong bag I suppose.. That bag and all of those things belongs to me.", Turning her head and pointing to Rick and said, " while you have no right to judge others belongings.. Understand! ".. Ri then quickly took everything that was on James desk and put it back inside her bag. And returned James the other same looking bag that she carried on her back. With the speed of light she went back to her desk to place her bag and went out of the classroom. Seconds later the bells rang as it was time for reccess.
 " sigh.. man I feel guilty. That was my fault. ", James kept staring at Ri and did not look away until her shadows fades away from the corners of the corridor.
" Chill out man.. I bet she's cool with it. ", patting his bestfriend's shoulder, Rick then join the others who went down the stairs for reccess. James took his bag and placed it nicely on his chair. Wandering around the block, letting his mind flashed back about the most
unexpected thing that had just happened. He faced down and carved a smile.


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