Thursday, 7 March 2013

Doctor or Accountant?? -,-

Oh Ya Allah what should I do? Which one should I pick? I'm in a big dilemma.. So what's the dilemma anyway huh? Wanna know? Hmm yesterday, the telephone rang, Mama picked it up. She said Maybank just offered me for a full scholarship on accountancy course. They said they'll support fully and after graduated I will automatically get a job under Maybank company.. Mama asked my decision, well... Urghh umm Ina tolak. "Jangan ubah haluan saya", I keep saying that as my moto,. Because, in my prayers I'll said "Ya Allah, jadikanlah aku seorang doktor yg cemerlang di dunia & di akhirat", Plus, I still remember, Mama once asked me, "Ina, apa cita2 ina? Mama boleh doakan..", So after several great reasons I decided to become a doctor one day!! *so in her prayer, she must be praying that I'll be a good doctor someday too.. But this accountant job, it's about money and how I love em so much.. Its like a golden opportunity, that I passed -.-" Humm why didn't I grab this chance? Maybank? Offering me? People said, "wah kaya kaya tu, boleh dpt bonus byk!, not as difficult as a doctor, tp lebih kaya dari doktor.." But how could I become an accountant when I've told my friends that one day I'll be called as Dr. Adlina. Aaaaahhh I'm so confused, I think my head is about to explode!! I don't know what to do know?!! Its too late to turn back because I'd passed that offer already... Am I making a wrong decission?? Abah once said "pekerjaan yg dilakukan itu suatu ibadah", Based on what he said, its TRUE. I wanna help those who are in illness, I wanna see how amazing and wonderful Allah creates us; complex human-being.. I wanna see how babies alive, being born from its mother's womb.. I wanna make people healthy and smile and appreciate their living, that lifes are just so precious, they couldn't be bought. Each life, each breath we breathe stands for a reason, and the fates that only Allah knew, He knows the best for all that He created.. But its not as easy as it seems, I know this one special woman and I believe that she once had the same kind, *niat murni* as I do when she was a little girl..which is to help others by doing what a doctor could do to safe or to cure her patients.. But once she became one, she's not happy with her carrier, being a doctor wasn't a great ambition, its regretful she said. Why? Because of the ungrateful-bigheaded-freak-bossy-unrespectful-unappreciative-lazy-fool factor. This factor involves all, some of em are cold blooded M.O's/boss/Dato, some of em are *kurang ajar punya nurse", unpatience family patients, lazy lab assistants, slow-poke kerani.. They took advantage of the H.Os like a *kuli*.. So because of these unhealthy environment, she sometimes felt that she had made up a wrong decission.. This stressed-up work, I don't know if I could handle it.. But hey, there's always two sides of a coin right? If one side of it is the dislikeful side, you can always flip it to the other one. On the other side, Allah's just testing, the rewards that u've collected through those harsh hard works will soon be seen, its either while we're still alive or its either at the hereafter.. "u just need to be patience in treating your patients" hahaha.. Hmm I know its easier for me to say than done.... But life is just too short, He wants us to be close to Him, so that whatever we do, we should know that Allah is always there for us. So... Ya Allah, Engkau tunjukkan lah Aku jalan yg terbaik dlm menuju kejayaan dan kecemerlangan di dunia dan diakhirat. Permudahkanlah segala urusan ku Ya Allah.. Amin amin Ya Rabal Alamin...


Mawar Melati

So...skrg ni da jadi dr adlina k?

Mawar Melati

So...skrg ni da jadi dr adlina k?

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