Monday, 28 January 2013

Chapter 7: Déjà-vu

"Charles.. Charles! Charlie!!!!", Ri pulled her brother's blanket that was messily wrapped around Charles's body. She shakes the bed as if there was an earthquake and climb ơn the bed.. "well this gonna be fun, you asked for it bro~", Ri then jumped up and down on the mattress like a little kid. She purposely did it to distract Charles from his sleep. "uhh, huh (sigh) NO..No!! NO No!!", hearing Charles sighing restlessly,
Ri took a square cotton pillow and harshly thumped it on Charles's legs. "Wake up you lazy sleepy head!! we're gonna be late! and you haven't take your shower yet.. Efron will be here in 30 minutes! I'm not done with my hair yet, and this blouse, I need to find some accesories to match with it.. (bla bla bla......)".
Charles woke up with a shock face, he was all pale, he was sweating out of the ordinary way, his forehead was wet so as his head pillow, yet his feet were as cold as ice and still felt the creepy chills. He stared at Ri, touched her feet, grabbed her hands and hugged her as tight as he could. Charles rubbed Ri's head and pulled her pony tails which was no longer neat. He kissed his sister's cheeks and forehead to show how grateful and glad he was to hold and see her right in front of his eyes once again.
"never do that again! You almost gave me a heart attack there..",
"hey!! You're ruining my hair! Okay okay..Stop it. Go brush your teeth first. Your breath stinks! Besides, I never thought my bouncing could give you a heart attack. Humm, strange, you're too young to get one.", while Ri get off from the bed. Confused.
"so, everything was a dream? Hey where are you going with..uhh all these fancy clothing? And its 7.30 a.m.? Why did you wake me early in the morning", yawning and feeling empty minded.
"I told you!! yesterday..remember? We're gonna watch movies, Your friends told you that Taken 2 is a hit and on the top list of the box office right?..Efron will be here at eight! So hurry up! Up up up!!", Ri grabbed Charles's hands and pulled them. "Get your lazy butt off that bed! I'll be downstairs! One minute late, I'll be off with Efron alone and don't even bother to come with us. Hahahah".

Charles was left alone, on his bed, sitting with full of confusion on his head and thoughts that kept him questioning to himself. " Should I trust this? will it happen? Was my dream an early prediction? If my prediction is true, then this day would be a DÉJÀ VU.. Maybe I should change the way today suppose to be; maybe by doing different things...(sigh)".
He walked towards the window pane, took a glance at a wooden hand-carved frame that was placed on the wall right beside the window, it was a picture of himself and a girl, together, wearing school uniforms.
"Never thought my sister could grow up so fast dear. She reminds me so much of you!",
Tears were dripping out from his eyes, ended on his lower lips and wets his cheeks. Charles smiled and said "I couldn't stand to loss another part of me. So I'll never loss you, baby sister~"

*want to know more? Why does Charles loves and cares so much about Ri? Who's that girl in the picture? What happens next? Well stay tuned for the next chapter... Doodles peeps ;)


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