Thursday, 3 January 2013

Chapter 5: Its MINE!!

Austin James, the White Tiger football captain, school famous but quite a shy guy.. He is tall, owns a perfect body curves with perfect abs structured his fair skinned limb that other guys would be dreaming of having those features. He owns a pair of big beautiful eyes with hazel iris, blonde and dreamy hair curves, and such beautiful pair of hands. " owh, how could such an athlete owns such beautiful hands and shiny pinkish nails? ", " look at his hands, muscular arms..oh so dreamy "..,
the facts that had been talked about by most of the girls, most of the time, either at the school corridors, canteen, school field ect. With or without James's presence, he was the hot stuff that other girls would be talking about and crazy of having as their boyfriend.
And as an ordinary teenage girl, Ri was not excluded. Its just so happened that she likes him since the extremely embarrassing yet super funny tragedy then on her first day of school at VEHS; then James was a nobody.. The memories were still fresh in the back of her mind as if it just happened yesterday.

" back pack is not allowed inside the laboratory,but you could place it outside at the corridor until after science class..", said Madam Anne. So Ri placed her black with red striped Tropicana Life bag outside the lab with the others. When the Science period ended, she was the last to exit the lab then she took the one and only black and red coloured bag that was neatly placed against the wall of the empty corridor and headed straight to her new class room. She noticed that the bag is much more lighter than before and it had a scent of strong sporty man's deodorant.
 " That's strange? This smells funny ",..
 As soon as she arrived at 2SC-1(the classroom) she felt uncomfortable and a little bit suspicious with the boys. Ri saw them laughing at James's place and they seemed to be checking all of James's
belongings inside of his bag. "Look.. James since when do you keep this Lip Ice sheer colour lip balms.. Hello Kitty powder?? ", Rick spelled it out one by one loudly and laughed insanely.
 Other boys joined him, while James just giggled and look downwards.
 " lip balms? Oh common James, you're a boy. Hahaha silly boy. Huhhh..wait.. Hello Kitty powder?", at first Ri laughed on her own at the front door but later on she realised something... " Oh my gosh..... that bag, ITS MINE!!......", as she ran towards the group of boys, Rick continued," Hey look its a flowery printed..... pad? ",
" No!!!!!!!!! ", trying her best to grab away the sanitary pad from Rick's hand, she accidentally bumped into James chest.. Without a warning, Ri's forehead was touching James's lips. " Oh my...what have I done..uhhh ",
She took a step back, other boys was making those simply annoying flirty sounds but most of the classmates were speechless as the scenario caught their attention. James held his head up slowly and took a gentle look on the girl that he had accidentally kissed on her forehead.
 Bravely Ri said, " You've taken the wrong bag I suppose.. That bag and all of those things belongs to me.", Turning her head and pointing to Rick and said, " while you have no right to judge others belongings.. Understand! ".. Ri then quickly took everything that was on James desk and put it back inside her bag. And returned James the other same looking bag that she carried on her back. With the speed of light she went back to her desk to place her bag and went out of the classroom. Seconds later the bells rang as it was time for reccess.
 " sigh.. man I feel guilty. That was my fault. ", James kept staring at Ri and did not look away until her shadows fades away from the corners of the corridor.
" Chill out man.. I bet she's cool with it. ", patting his bestfriend's shoulder, Rick then join the others who went down the stairs for reccess. James took his bag and placed it nicely on his chair. Wandering around the block, letting his mind flashed back about the most
unexpected thing that had just happened. He faced down and carved a smile.


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