Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Chapter 4: He's a MONSTER!

Smiling all the way to the door, Ri was stopped by her brother.
" You've seem so happy, What's the great news dear... ", Charles watched her sister with a freaky smile and carved a dimple in his right cheek.
" Nothing, why, is it wrong to smile? I have to pay tax for it? ", Ri tried not to tell her brother about the conversation between her and Efron as he would be such a busy body and annoyed her sometimes.
Without any hesitation, Charles quickly took the i-pad off her hands and closed the bed room door. He ran down stairs and went to the kitchen.
" Mum! Mum! Ri is dating a boy here named 'Efron' in FB! Listen,... ",
so he read some of the important parts of the conversation to his mother who was placing her fresh baked pecan cookies inside the cookie jar one by one; actually he was just kidding around.
Chasing from up stairs, Ri frantically explained to her mother,..
" Mum, it's not like what you think it is. He's making this up! ", pointing and staring at her brother with a deep thoughts " I'm so gonna kill you this time! ", and continue her explaination towards her mother..
" This Efron guy, he asked me to meet him this weekend. He's an old friend of mine back in primary school. Please don't be mad at me,. I wasn't being flirty.. ", pulling her face downward to the kitchen floor, she did not have the guts to look at her mother's reaction.
Then Charles interfere again, " But you like it don't you! Hey, no love birds is allowed at your age!!"
Couldn't take it any longer, Ri strike an action, " Uuuuuurghh! CHARLIE!! You MONSTER! ",
she grabbed a roll of aluminium foil that was placed on the granite table top and try to hit his brother.
So, they end up chasing one after another once again, running around the dining table for a few times and off to the backyard through the kitchen door.

Being a mother of three boys and one baby girl, Mrs. Caleb Arlisa often seen this brother-sister fight before..
" Alright enough with this.. Charles, Carilyn stop it..",
" But he started it!! ", Ri turned her back and look at her mother. But still, Charles did not get enough of the fight, so he pulled up a garden hose towards his sister's pony-tail and turn the pipe on.
The water flows right through Ri's head and wets her clothes..and the fight continued.
" CHARLIE MARC CALEB!!! Stop it this instance ", probably this dragged both of their attention.
After changing their wet and muddy apparels, they both sat on different parts of the living room, Ri on the couch facing the television while Charles relaxed himself on the massage chair. There were not a single word spilled out from their lips after Charles were being scolded by Mrs. Caleb.. " Carilyn, honey.. You may go ", said their mother, walking in to the living room from the garden through the sliding door. " Thanks mum..", Ri get off the couch and head straight to the stairs. " Where are you going? ", " upstairs, to my room.. you said i could go..", confused for a while. " what i meant was, you can go and meet your friend this weekend..", " seriously? thanks Mum! ", Ri hugged her mum tightly and kissed her cheeks to show her excitement.. " just promise me you'll be good and take care of yourself..", " you can count on me mum.." she then headed back to her room. " What mum? Come on! she's too young for this... ", Charles started to argue again. " Charlie, she's all grown up now.. its time for her to learn some responsibilities on her own, so she could be more independant..", " But mum, you shouldn't trust any boy so easily, some of them are freaks! ", Charles try to get to his point.. " I know you care so much about your baby sister and try to protect her as much as you could, but sometimes you need to let her do what she wants.. as long as she's not troubling herself,.", " wow mum.. you've seem to laid back a little bit.. usually you were more strict, its hard to find you giving this kind of permission to her.. you know, boys and girls, chatting, meeting.....together", " perhaps, you'll just have to go with the flow sometimes ",. Charles slowly nodded and said... " maybe.....". -upstairs, Ri's room- Charles knock the door. " What else do you want? I'm tired and I don't wanna fight anymore! ", Ri slowly opened the door. " I'm sorry, but please let me in ", " Fine. ", " Yes! thanks..", Charles kissed her sister's forehead. " So, what's your intention here?", Charles took a deep breath and said that he didn't give his permission for Ri to meet Efron.. " What? you're not the boss of me.. I thought you came here to create peace, not to ruined the moment! ", " Fine.. then I'll follow you! or else...", " No, no.. I'm all grown up now, I don't need you as my adult supervision.. wait, or else what?" " or else, I'll tell mum about the love letter you gave James last two years at school...", " What? you wouldn't dare!", " Try me.... Mum!!!Ri once sent a.." Ri quickly put both of her palms on her brother's mouth to shut it close. Then Charles licked her palms.. " euww, GROSS!!. alright fine! you can come along. But don't tell mum about that! ", " I'm not so sure I could guaranty that,..Okay, okay, fine, sure, whatever you say ", Charles stopped kid around after Ri throw him a wild stare with her big cat eyes. " It wasn't a love letter anyway,. I just want to express my feelings towards him, that's all..Besides, he wouldn't know it was me,..uhhh I guess because I didn't left my name on it..", " so, are you still on to him? ", Charles asked softly,. " who? James? I'm not sure.. at school, he didn't show any reaction towards me.. I guess I'll stop liking him cause,. well you know, it's hurtfull to like someone that doesn't like you back. Maybe he already had a crush of his own... so, I'll move on.. But don't tell Mum about this please! ", " Okay, I'll try my best.. but you do know that everything I do, I really hope it is the best for you! ", they hugged eachother as the bonds between the eldest brother and the youngest baby sister gets closer for each and every fight that leads to a softtalk.. " You know what, in my opinion and based on my experience, sometimes between learning and excelling the academic, you need to refresh your mind and play some love game a little bit, not too much though! so you could really enjoy your school days.. aaah good times, gooooood times...", recalling his teenage years as the honoured school's head prefect. " whatever you say bro...whatever you say.....", " Hey, Let's get ourself a cup of vanilla and caramel ice-cream! its your favourite flavour! "... So they both went out of the room and headed down stairs.. But Charles happened to saw a drawing on a piece of white A4 paper on top of Ri's study table.. It seems to be a guy that kind of look like James... maybe she still likes him anyway.. Who ever it supposed to be, Charles had a great feelings about the guy named James though he did not know why,...


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