Tuesday, 11 December 2012

chapter 1: Was it You?

She was shocked, her heart beats faster than the drum roll.. adrenaline rushing in her veins, blood was chasing, heart was pounding, butterflies flying like crazy in her tummy as she stared at him..
 " Enrique, is that you.. " she whispered gently hoping that the guy sitting next to her table would be the guy she had her crushed on. Enrique was her junior, same school, once surprised Ri by giving her a big stuffed bunny ( as Ri loves rabbits so much ) in the school assembly, leaving other students speechless including Ri herself.

"what is he doing here? wait.." zooming her sight at the guy.
She was a bit dissapointed from what she saw. The guy that she expected to be Enrique was much more fair in colour with a different hair cut too. Absolutely not a dark skin boy with bushes of hair neatly covers his forehead and owns thick eye brows with long eyelashes. But from the guy's back and the way he wore; plain dark grey T-shirt with a red Varsity jacket, his style seems to be quite a charm that showed some similarities to Enrique.

Somehow she was confused and upset to recall back the sweet memories between her and Enrique that ended up so soon. Their relationship was slipping away and they certainly felt like they are falling from a tightrope leaving scars and bruises on each of their fragile heart. After a few courses and some chit-chats at the wedding, Ri called it a day and get herself back home with her family. The guy threw a few glance at her, maybe because he noticed how deeply Ri stared at him. #wanna know what happened next? who's that guy anyway? does he got anything to do with Ri? will Ri move on and just forget about Enrique or she will be falling into history once again? we'll see on the next chapter okay! doodles peeps..


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