Monday, 10 December 2012

Hey U STRANGER! this one is especially for U..

Assalamualaikum STRANGER and peeps..

i've been having this account for about 3 days or so.. and
i've been asked by a STRANGER some silly yet funny questions.

at first, THE STRANGER asked me this.. "Do you have someone that you like in your class? "
( i guessed it was u.. but, not so sure yet )
and i answered.. " i do,. well i did, because currently i dont have any class "

2nd question : " Do you think Danial is sexy? "
( oh man,. common,. this assured me that THE  STRANGER knows me well.. kinda..maybe..whatever.. What the?? SEXY? merepek betul lah soalan ni )
my answer: " Which danial? i know a few Danials..
( danial mana satu? classmate ke danial a.k.a Dani ke Danial Aiman.. byk tuhh )

STRANGER asked me back... " Danial who is the hottest guy in 5 Alpha, do you know him? "
( i knew who u r this time, but, lets just play the game,. go with the flow )
so i answered : " looks like u know him better than i do,..STRANGER.. yes, i do know him why?

Well in the meantime,. it happens to be that i was saying goodbye to MIMAYS(nama samaran) through comments in one of my status in FB.. The last comment that i wrote was " slmt mlm, nak update blog"

while in the next tab,.. i received another question on my account....
" Kak Ina ada blog eh? nak tengok ??? "
( donno whether  it was from a jr. of mine or the STRANGER again,.. but dont u find it linked to each other? ok, lets proceed shall we,...)
me : " ada dear,. adk ni siapa ya? [blog's link] "
( that DEAR doesnt meant the STRANGER ok! DEAR is meant for my juniors that eager to see my blog.. anyways.. somehow i knew it was YOU! )

another question from the STRANGER,.. I see.. not so much like a question actually,. it was more like a riddle or clue that shows who THE STRANGER really is..
STRANGER : " well, since he(danial) sits behind me, i just wanna know what does people thinks about him "
me : " well it seems that u r no longer a stranger to me, bcoz i just might know who u really are.."

oh man i knew it all along!!  in a nutshell, the case of this mystery STRANGER is SOLVED..
according to the proves,.. [ fluently english writting, a person that sits in front of danial, calling me Kak Ina?? hmm, strange...] everything leads to a BOY NAMED................
u like to play games dont u..

well i hope u are happy enough bcoz i've been writing this ONE POST for the loyal STRANGER OF MINE... hahahhh.. NO HURT FEELINGS OKAY SYAMIM,.

# u distracted me from writing my SHTORTY.. hmmmph. funny boy~



Akak xpaham..
Is the stranger handsome..?haha

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