Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Chapter 3: Let's Meet..

She login her Facebook account and open a new massage in her personal mailbox.
" Hey there Carilyn, are you busy this December ? =D ", with a smiley emoticon, Efron Frederick a friend of Ri since Standard One asked. It seems like the question got something related to the reunion that they were planning to do.

" Hey Efron! Is this about the reunion? I'm free but instead my father is busy. So, I guess I won't be joining you guys ",
" ouh, hmm. Well it's too bad. Our reunion isn't complete without The Gorgeous One. By the way, where do you live right now? ", Ri wasn't assure of Efron's feelings but it seems that he was concerned and a little bit dissapointed.
" Wow, The Gorgeous One!? It looks like I have a title of my own after all. Currently I'm staying at Vista Kirana Park, Juventus Town ",
" Of course you do. Well, that isn't so far away.. I could fetch you up ",
" Efron, you can drive?",
" Well my birthday was in February, so I got my license as soon as I turned 17. I even drove to school   using my brother's Ford Fiesta ",

" ooo.. Awesome. But it would be such a burden for you to fetch me here, besides my mum wouldn't approve on me taking a ride with my friends ",
" Even with an old friend? hmm, I really thought that we could meet... ",
" Hey no worries, about two months from now I'll be moving back to Equine City to our new house in Orleans Height. I'm sure to join any reunion party by then... ",
" Hey, that's great! Anyway, is Timber Lake near to Vista Kirana Park ? ",
" Well it is the biggest lake in town, it will took just about 15 minutes to get here. Why? ",
" It happens to be that my family and I; are going to visit my brother at Juventus Sky High Flying Academy, near the Timber Lake.. Is there by any chances we could meet? ",
Ri was getting suspicious towards Efron's eagerness of seeing her,
" hahaha.. why do you want to see me so much Efron? Its funny you know.. ",
" Well, I am going to Juventus Town anyway and it happens to be that you live there, so it wouldn't be wrong if we meet for a while right? ",
" That my friend, I'll need to ask for my mum's permission first.. either way, I'll be sure to let you know okay ",
" Just so you know it, I'll be there from Sunday until Tuesday evening..",
" Okay! ".
 In the meantime, Charles noticed her little sister was smiling cheek to cheek and looked so
pleasantly happy infront of the slantedly-stand i-pad.
He wondered..........


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